Our philosophy is that first and foremost we must recognize that each and every child is a unique individual. Just as adults come from different backgrounds, upbringing, lifestyles etc.- so do children. They are in the process of developing each their own views of their world, impressions about life and people, their own personalities, behaviors, attitudes and interests. In the professional field of early childhood education, it is highly recognized how crucially important this stage of development is as it reflects so much on the course of their lives and who they become. Some like to use the analogy of that to a house. If the foundation is built appropriately, then the rest of the house will be proper- but if there are missing or broken pieces in the foundation, there may be weaknesses in the remaining structure. Case in point is that a solid foundation is the beginning of a “strong house.” Our schoolhouse offers a warm and natural atmosphere where children can feel more “at home” while gradually being introduced to the “style” of larger educational institutes.

Here at GARDEN OF KNOWLEDGE we believe that children indeed learn a great deal through play, but they also need a balance of structure and guidance to facilitate and promote their learning achievements. Our curriculum is that of the Massachusetts Frameworks (The same “lesson plan guide” that the public schools use) therefore, your child will have been exposed to all the same required lessons which will prepare them and ease them and ease their transition to the next grade level. You can feel assured that your child will thrive and succeed with such caring, quality conscientious and well qualified staff and in an environment that offers a varied array of tools and opportunities that will naturally foster their needs in all aspects of Early Childhood Development.

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