December Curriculum Guidelines

English Language Arts

Reading and Literature

¨ Listen to, identify, and manipulate language sounds

to develop auditory discrimination and phonemic


¨ Link letters with sounds in play activities


Number Sense

¨ Examine, manipulate, and identify familiar U.S. coins

(penny, nickel, dime, quarter) in play activities.

Patterns & Relations

¨ Explore and describe a wide variety of concrete

objects by their attributes.

Science & Technology/Engineering

Earth and Space Sciences

¨ Identify the characteristics of local weather based

on first-hand observations.

¨ Explore sunlight and shadows and describe the

effects of the sun or sunlight.

¨ Observe and describe or represent scientific

Phenomena meaningful to children*s lives that have

a repeating pattern (e.g., day and night).

History and Social Science

¨ Discuss examples of rules, fairness, personal

responsibilities, and authority in their own

experiences and in stories read to them.

Health Education

Physical Development

¨ Use thumb/forefinger in pincer grasp.

¨ Use a variety of tools and materials to build grasp-and-release skill.

The Arts


¨ Sing songs with repetitive phrases and rhythmic


¨ Listen to various kinds of instrumental music and

explore a variety of melody and rhythmic


¨ Play instruments using different beats, tempos,

dynamics, and interpretation.

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