Introduction   (A bit about myself)

Welcome and thank you for choosing the Garden of Knowledge. Coming from a wonderful family of five children and two exceptionally spectacular parents, I graduated from New Bedford Vocational Child Care Department in 1980. From there became a teacher aid in the New Bedford Public Schools, worked at several private pre-schools and then taught pre-school and became a lead teacher at New Bedford Head Start Program where I remained for ten years. I obtained my Associate degree in Early Childhood Education from Wheelock College in 1995 and then my Bachelors Degree in Human Development and Early Childhood Education from Lesley College in 1998. My student teaching was completed at the Plymouth Nathaniel Morton Elementary School in a first grade inclusion classroom with Paula Deal. For two years thereafter, I was a substitute teacher for the Plymouth Public Schools in a variety of grades and then became a first grade teacher in the New Bedford Public Schools for two more years.

The two years of (2002-2004) consisted of setting up the school which (thanks to my genuine man of a husband facilitated to make this life-long dream come true). In addition, I then gave birth in March of 2004 to our first child- Jonathan Joseph Salih (yet another dream come true) SMILE.  At this point in 2017, we are in our 14th spectacular year of G.O.K. . My hope is that you will share our philosophy of life and education combined to make the Garden of Knowledge a successful experience for ALL.  As Hillary Clinton expressed: “It takes a whole village to raise a child.”  That being said, the fabulous staff and I will look forward to sharing this chapter of life along with you and your children.

Sincerely Yours,

Louise A. (Benjamin) Salih
Co-owner / Director


Statement of Purpose

The purpose of GARDEN OF KNOWLEDGE is to provide a safe, comfortable, cheerful, creative and nurturing educational arena for children ages two years and nine months to nine and a half years of age in the town of Plymouth Massachusetts. The center welcomes families of all faiths, creeds and ethnic origins. We begin by accepting each child as a unique individual person of worth and value. Our aim is to encompass a complete approach to childhood growth and development that includes physical, intellectual, emotional and social well being. Furthermore, we will concentrate on smaller group sizes and individualizing as much as possible. Hence, this tapestry will promote children’s natural curiosity and desire to learn.


Our philosophy is that first and foremost we must recognize that each and every child is a unique individual. Just as adults come from different backgrounds, upbringing, lifestyles etc.- so do children. They are in the process of developing each their own views of their world, impressions about life and people, their own personalities, behaviors, attitudes and interests. In the professional field of early childhood education, it is highly recognized how crucially important this stage of development is as it reflects so much on the course of their lives and who they become. Some like to use the analogy of that to a house. If the foundation is built appropriately, then the rest of the house will be proper- but if there are missing or broken pieces in the foundation, there may be weaknesses in the remaining structure. Case in point is that a solid foundation is the beginning of a “strong house.” Our schoolhouse offers a warm and natural atmosphere where children can feel more “at home” while gradually being introduced to the “style” of larger educational institutes.

Here at GARDEN OF KNOWLEDGE we believe that children indeed learn a great deal through play, but they also need a balance of structure and guidance to facilitate and promote their learning achievements. Our curriculum is that of the Massachusetts Frameworks (The same “lesson plan guide” that the public schools use) therefore, your child will have been exposed to all the same required lessons which will prepare them and ease them and ease their transition to the next grade level. You can feel assured that your child will thrive and succeed with such caring, quality conscientious and well qualified staff and in an environment that offers a varied array of tools and opportunities that will naturally foster their needs in all aspects of Early Childhood Development.

Licensing Authority: The Department of Early Education and Care (D.E.E.C.) (formerly O.C.C.S) is the licensing authority and sets the standards for licensing and approval of school age and day care programs.

Non-Discrimination Policy: Eligibility: Any child 2.9 to 9.5 years of age is eligible for enrollment. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, cultural heritage, political belief, special needs, marital status, national origin, sexual orientation, or disabilities.

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